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Measuring Diode Laser Output Flux
Measuring Laser Output Flux

Light Measurement
A Guide to Integrating Sphere Radiometry and Photometry
A Guide to Integrating Sphere Theory and Applications
Lamp Depreciation Technical Note
Measuring Fiber Illuminator Output Flux
The Radiometry of Light Emitting Diodes - LEDs

Reflectance Materials and Coatings
A Guide to Reflectance Materials and Coatings
Increased Performance in Laser Pump Chambers through Use of Diffuse Highly Reflective Materials_SPIE Proceedings Paper
Infragold® Care and Handling
Optimization of Spectralon® through Numerical Modeling and Improved Processes and Designs_SPIE Proceedings Paper
Performance Improvements in Back Panel Display Lighting_SPIE Proceeding Papers
Spectralon® Design and Machining Guidelines
Spectralon® Material Care and Handling
Spectralon® Standards Care and Handling

Sensor/Imaging Test and Calibration
A Guide to Integrating Sphere Theory and Applications
A Guide to Integrating Sphere Uniform Light Source Applications
Calibrating Remote Sensing Cameras
Design and Characterization of a Large Area URS for Calibrations of a Remote Sensing Imaging System_SPIE Proceedings Paper
Characterization of Uniform Spectral Radiance Source for Test and Calibration of Radiometers _SPIE Proceedings Paper
Tracking Integrating Sphere Uniform Source Radiance with a Monitor Detector
When is the Appropriate Time to Re-lamp My Sphere?

A Guide to Reflectance Spectroscopy
Choosing the Right Sphere Size for Your Application
Absolute Specular Reflectance Measurements at Fixed Angles
The Use of Center Mount Sample Holders
Quantitation of Single Beam Substitution Correction

LiDAR 测距校准漫反射板